South Humber Gateway

South Humber Gateway
25th October 2016 Janet Harper

Conservation Mitigation Strategy

The South Humber Gateway (SHG) is on the south bank of the Humber estuary and is the largest development site for inward investment and jobs in the region, covering nearly four square miles. The industries which need to use the SHG are all involved in major schemes to meet the challenges of climate change, including the onshore development of offshore wind turbines.

With over 150,000 birds visiting the estuary every winter, the Humber is also one of the top six estuaries for migratory birds in the UK and one of the top ten in Europe.

North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire Councils are working alongside Natural England, the RSPB and Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust to develop a Delivery Plan to fulfil the nature conservation requirements of the Humber Estuary European Marine Site while enabling the economic potential of the SHG to be delivered. The role comprises facilitating the development and delivery of that Plan, which will deliver strategic conservation mitigation, meet EU Habitats Directive requirements and do so in ways which will save developers enormous cost and time in a truly innovative way.