About us

UK Port Advisers are specialist international port consultants.  Our team comprises senior port industry experts who advise port operators, their owners, customers, developers, investors and government.  We  analyse and tackle simple and complex challenges and provide plain language, practical ways in which to deal with them.

  • A broader vision
    Nowadays, business doesn’t happen in narrow silos. It surges in unexpected directions, assumes new forms, escapes from established patterns.Thinking in straight lines simply limits opportunities. We create new connections to your advantage.

Our experience spans ports in mature, developing and island economies worldwide and our skills include:

  • strategy and policy
  • business planning
  • corporate finance
  • law & regulation
  • engineering
  • port development and master planning
  • port operations
  • logistics
  • public policy and affairs
  • environmental
  • renewable energy

Our wide ranging and multi-disciplinary skill set is unusual and offers clients considerable flexibility and an ability to commission work to suit their specific needs and budget.